E-Journal Pascasarjana Universitas Binadarma Palembang

Energy-Efficient Cloud Computing

Author : Andreas Berl, Erol Gelenbe, Marco di Girolamo, Giovanni Giuliani
Category : Green IT

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Integrative framework for assessing firms’ potential to undertake Green IT initiatives via virtualization – A theoretical perspective

Author : Ranjit Bose, Xin Luo
Category : Green IT

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Relationship betweengreenmanagementandenvironmentaltrainingin companies locatedinBrazil:Atheoreticalframeworkandcasestudies

Author : Adriano AlvesTeixeira, CharbelJose Chiappetta Jabbour, AnaBeatrizLopesdeSousaJabbour
Category : Green IT

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Green IT and use of Private Cloud Computing in South Africa

Author : John Lamb, Ph.D
Category : Green IT

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Information and Communications Technologies and Sustainability

Author : H. Scott Mattbews
Category : Green IT

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E-government research: Reviewing the literature, limitations, and ways forward

Author : Mete Yildiz
Category : E-government

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Electronic government Rethinking channel management strategies

Author : W.E. Ebbers, W.J. Pieterson, H.N. Noordman
Category : E-government

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Empowering poor people through public information Lessons from a movie in rural India

Author : Martin Ravallion, Dominique van deWalle, Rinku Murgai
Category : E-government

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Factors Influencing E-government Maturity in Transition Economies and Developing Countries: A Longitudinal Perspective

Author : Princely Ifinedo
Category : E-government

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Integrating Internet, telephones, and call centers for delivering better quality e-governance to all citizens

Author : Awdhesh K. Singh, Rajendra Sahu
Category : E-government

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